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Protect Your ER, ICU and Anesthesiology Staff During the COVID-19 Outbreak 


Lustre-Cal has started immediate production of the innovative Aerosol Box. We are committed to helping protect doctors, and all healthcare workers leading the charge in solving this global pandemic. Available for immediate shipment. 

COVID-19 infects patients often causing respiratory failure, requiring endotracheal intubation. Since COVID-19 is transmitted via droplets and aerosol, healthcare providers, who are intubating these patients are at increased risk of contracting the virus during the intubation process.  

Due to the soaring number of infected patients in this pandemic, and the shortage of PARPs and PPE around the world, providers are only donning face shields, and N95 masks, putting them at much higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

To protect healthcare providers from this virus during the intubation process, Dr. Hsien Yung Lai, an anesthesiologist from Taiwan, designed the Aerosol Box that effectively shields a provider’s face from the patient’s airway, while allowing the provider to love his/her arms freely to perform all necessary tasks during endotracheal intubation.

The Aerosol Box can be rapidly produced and deployed for field use in the current crisis. He hopes that his invention will help protect the thousands of healthcare providers around the world who are caring for COVID-19 infected patients in this unprecedented crisis.

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